Food & drink copywriter

Food & drink copywriter

Mouthwatering words for brands with BIG appetites

Strike UP a conversation

Strong, persuasive copy is vital for food and drink businesses.

Yes, good design will get you noticed, but it’s WORDS that build personality and spark a conversation with your customers.

So don’t leave it to chance, get in touch and invest in your copy today. You’ll be amazed how the right words can boost your products’ appeal, define your brand’s character and keep shoppers coming back for more.


Bringing food & drink to life

For 17 years I’ve been writing for some of Britain’s top food & drink businesses, from Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons to Westcombe Dairy, Peyton & Byrne and Roger Harris Wines (among others).

In that time I’ve helped them define their voice, bring their products to life and expand their customer reach. And I can help you too…


my bread & butter SKILLS:


Packaging copy is great for capturing people’s imaginations right there in the food aisle at the point of purchase. By conveying flavours and sensations – framed, of course, by your brand’s core values – I get people’s mouths watering and products placed in the right baskets.

Wine Labels

Yes, while technically packaging copy, wine labels are a discipline in their own right. I’ve worked hard over the years to develop a style that avoids the clichés for more engaging descriptions of product and place, while navigating the intricate foibles of wine shoppers’ tastes.


Websites let you say all that you want to about your products and brand – as long as you can hold people’s attention. I approach website copywriting like a conversation. It starts with a few choice words, then turns into a meaningful exchange once a connection is made.

P.O.S. / Decor

Point of sale and decor copy are useful tools in aiding customer navigation and driving promotions. Whether in shops, markets, cafes or bars, by guiding shoppers’ attention towards what they’re interested in, you can keep the wheels turning (and the tills ringing).


There’s an art to writing good menus (one that seems to be dying). I try to find the sweet spot between expressing the restaurant’s food philosophy and character, while taking into consideration the fleeting and distracted nature of diners’ attentions.


From the traditional (leaflets, flyers, etc) to the modern (emails, texts alerts, landing pages), the world of promotions is myriad and ever changing. But the basic rules – to get people to act, think or feel something – are the same and still propelled by strong, persuasive copy.


If you like what you see, call me on (+44) 07779 262 756 or click the button below to email and let’s talk. I’ll help bring your brand or products to life on shelf, online and in shoppers’ minds.

I consider all jobs, so don’t think ‘I probably can’t afford him’. Get in touch and let’s see if I can help you better connect with your audience…