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Beau Cacao make the finest chocolate I’ve ever tasted. They source their cacao directly from plantations in Malaysia, then handcraft their bars in micro batches in London, where they’ve even built their own cacao-processing tools.

Bo and Thomas also designed their own packaging, which is where I came in. They approached me to write copy for their bars, and being so enthralled once I’d tasted their chocolate, I wrote them a rallying mission statement and tasting notes, which in turn helped to inspire the packaging design itself.

Will transformed us, and without knowing it at that time, helped us structure our story. He’s not only a great writer, he’s a connoisseur and has design sense, so his ideas really help set a brand apart. Good copy is vital for making an impact. Don’t skip the words, invest in them!
— Bo San Sheung, Co-Founder, Beau Cacao
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Beau Cacao launch chocolate bars

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Beau Cacao 2014 Serian bar packaging
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Beau Cacao 2014 Asajaya bar packaging
– tasting notes, copywriting, brand slogan

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